Music and Dance unite at the Sonic Bloom Festival

The Sonic Bloom festival is a music festival held annually in rye, Colorado during the August month. It is considered to be one of Colorado’s premier arts and music festivals. Overlooked by the Continental Divide and surrounded by mountain ranges, the Weld County area of Colorado has a beautiful landscape that is perfect for any festival. Music lovers will find this festival to be one of the most impressive events of the year. It has been said that the festival is so incredible that it makes the Sturgis Mountain Film Festival looks like a small film.

The music and dance combine perfectly to create one spectacular event unlike anything else. During the two-week long festival, music lovers will enjoy great classical music performed by established Spanish musical artists such as Alejo Gardener, Luana Bastien, and Jose Del Carmen. During June, the jazz and fusion dance performances showcase talented local and international artists that include Kaya Club, Escondido Dojo, and Southside Dance Theater. Some of the many great attractions of the Sonic Bloom Festival include viewing the beautiful Spanish peaks in Colorado, as well as visiting the towns of Broomfield and Layrabette.

During the second weekend of June, visitors are encouraged to visit the beautiful Colorado Springs Museum of Art. Here they can also view the famous Spanish Peak, and a multitude of other cultural attractions. For families with young children, a day filled with nature, music, art, and rides is just what the doctor ordered. No matter what your interest, there is sure to be an event that is right for you and your loved ones when you come to the Sonic Bloom Festival in Juneau, Colorado.

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