List of the Best Christmas Songs For The Year 2020!

Who will compose what is the best Christmas songs for next year? That’s a question that I’ve been asking myself for quite some time now and have come to the conclusion that it’s going to be either Elvis Presley or David Bowie.

best Christmas songs 2020

If you ask most people who go to see a Christmas show or go to the mall on Christmas day, they will not tell you that they listen to a lot of music. They don’t care much about music at all. But if you ask someone who works at a music store and listens to music all day long, they will probably tell you that they listen to lots of music every year.

But then you ask them if there is a particular song that they would recommend for Christmas. And they say, “I don’t know.” The answer is simple: You guessed it. Elvis Presley or David Bowie.

This is what I think will happen in the coming years, and that’s why I’m putting Elvis Presley or David Bowie at the top of the list for Best Christmas Songs for the next year. I’m putting them at the top of the list because they were the best in the industry when they were still young and because they continue to be the best today. They are one of my favorites.

Elvis Presley was in the best shape of his life when he recorded those “Hound Dog” Hound Dog Valentine.” He had just gotten out of the military, and he hadn’t been in the music business for very long at all. But he had a hit with these two tracks, and they became timeless classics.

I believe that if Elvis Presley or David Bowie can make a hit record with a handful of words, then they could undoubtedly make the best Christmas songs for the next year. So, I hope that you will please consider this in 2020.

Another great artist to put on the top of the list for Best Christmas Songs is David Bowie. Again, I’m not a big fan of music. I’m more of a songwriter than anything else. But, when he was in the prime of his career, he was arguably the best.

best Christmas songs all time

One of the best music pieces he ever wrote was “Fame,” a song that he wrote with David Bowie and Queen and released with the same name. Many people refer to that song as the official rock song of the band. If you are making plan to watch some great movies on Christmas then you can visit:

And, you might say that David Bowie is the best thing to come from Queen ever. That is undoubtedly a controversial statement, and I’m not going to argue about it. But, I am sure that he is one of the greatest singers of all time. I believe he is one of the best performers.

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